Goof Proof Plan - Misleading Warranty, Cheap Furniture

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In May of 2011, we purchased a queen sleeper sofa and at the same time, purchased the Goof Proof plan. We were given an informational sheet that has an overview of the warranty, which briefly described what would be covered in case of damage.

About two weeks ago, we noticed that the mesh part of the sleeper frame was separating from the springs which hold it to metal part of the frame. This mesh fabric is the part of the frame that supports the sleeper's mattress. I called Bob's Furniture at that time and scheduled a time for a technician to come assess the damage.

The technician arrived, took pictures of the damage, and called in a claim for the damage. At that time, I was put on the phone and transferred to Guardian Protection Products. After being on hold for an unreasonable amount of time, I was told that the Goof Proof plan does not cover our type of damage, even though the warranty overview clearly states that "Breakage of frames, springs, sleeper, reclining heating & vibrating mechanisms" is part of the protection plan.

I then called a Bob's Furniture representative, who was surprised that the claim was denied, and transferred me once again to Guardian. For a second time, I was on hold for quite a while and finally spoke to a woman who claimed that they have literature which states that the this type of damage is not covered. When purchasing the Goof Proof plan, we never received this "fine print". I asked to speak to a manager, and she informed me that they do not transfer calls to management. I requested to receive a refund for the Goof Proof plan, at which time she stated that I must speak to a Bob's Furniture representative.

Once again, I called Bob's Furniture and this time notified the representative that I would like a refund for the Goof Proof plan, as it is misleading. Instead of taking care of the problem, she once again transferred me to Guardian at which time I hung up the phone.

To make a long story short, I've now been dealing with this issue for four hours and am very displeased by the Goof Proof plan as well as the lack of communication between Bob's Furniture and Guardian. I'm not asking for a new couch...just a repair of the couch that we have as we rely on this piece of furniture when we have visitors in our home.

DO NOT buy from Bob's and if you do, don't expect quality and don't waste your money on their shady waranty!

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